English [eng] Башҡортса [bak] Қазақша [kaz] Татарча [tat]

This is a translation of the Tatar original.

About selimcan.org

Our mission is to help you learn. Our vision is to see students who have completed our curriculum demonstrate knowledge and skills necessary to study in top universities of the world.

Hello! The goal of the selimcan.org project is to develop a free/gratis online curriculum consisting of:

  1. a reading and spelling course;
  2. a math course covering mathematics from arithmetic to calculus;
  3. a list of books which, in our opinion, anyone should have read by the time they finish high-school; original texts of these books along with their translations; question or problem sets to test reading comprehension;
  4. an explanatory dictionary;
  5. an encyclopedia, and
  6. a book teaching basics of computer program design,

assembled prererably from materials published under free/libre licenses, and mainly targeted at self-learners.

We plan to do the following:

If you have any questions or feedback or want to help, please write to ‘contact at selimcan dot org’.

One of the talks which inspired us to start this project:

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